The Daltons Wadkin open house exhibition in March proved to be an outstanding success. Visitor numbers were up and interest was high, particularly in the rapid performance and technically advanced equipment such as the Salvador crosscutting range and Kimla CNC routers.

Some 25 machines were on display and available for demonstration throughout the period and although interest was perhaps greatest where the Kimla and Salvador machines were concerned there was also considerable activity around the Elcon vertical panel cutting range and the Altendorf sliding table panel saws as well as the newly-acquired Cehisa range of edgebanding machines.

Also featured were a range of Wadkin classical machines, Stenner ST100R band resaw and the all new, never before seen in the UK, Maggi Evolution 1000 CNC multi-spindle borer with router.

Director Alex Dalton comments: “We have had success in recent years with open house exhibitions but nothing which quite compares with this one.  The range of equipment on show was extensive and reflected the development of our product range and our highly successful advance into CNC and other automatic machines such as the Salvador crosscutting systems.

“Prospective clients came from far and wide, orders were taken during the show including a high specification Kimla CNC and we fully expect that many orders will result from the amount of interest and the significant enquiries we received during the show.”

The recent event in Nottingham is the first instalment of what will prove to be a very busy exhibition year for Daltons Wadkin.

The company will be showing a Kimla CNC at the Sign and Digital UK show at the NEC, 19th-21st April, and of course the company will as usual have a wide range of equipment on show at the W16 exhibition, again at the NEC, 2nd-5th October, where particular emphasis will be placed on the highly successful Salvador crosscuts, the Kimla CNC range, Cehisa edgebanders and Elcon vertical panel saws.