Automaction is the new Biesse concept that represents new technological innovations developed to create new solutions based on automated, interconnected production. Products, no longer prototypes. Actions, not words. Numbers and results!

Following the launch of the Winstore automatic magazine, which provides a flexible loading solution for managing job orders in the initial stage of production – sizing and nesting – the company is now offering technologies for managing panel handling during the full production process.

Technology, autonomously

This new approach is based on the development of smart machines that perform repetitive cycles to increase production efficiency. The company’s spirit of innovation is therefore taking a step forward by offering robotised systems for handling panels, carrying out work in predetermined times but always with the same standard of quality.

The use of these solutions helps to simplify processes, optimise machine cycle times, replacing many manual tasks and reducing the risk of panel damage.

Therefore, robots are a solution that combines versatility and efficiency with high investment returns, utilising technologies that are easy to use, with high precision and that can work autonomously.

Collaborative robots

Biesse also offers collaborative robots that can be used, for example, to handle panels finished by sanding machines in the Viet range. These robots can both move and rotate panels helping to automate loading and unloading processes and are very safe, with contact sensors that impede the movement of the robot in the event of accidental collisions with people or objects.

Smart machines, smart factories

Customisation and flexibility have become two key requirements in production today and by offering integrated turnkey solutions based on specific production needs, including handling and sorting systems, allows customers to produce finished panels without any operator intervention.

“We’ve created Biesse Systems, a team of highly specialised technical and commercial personnel, to offer our customers solutions tailored to their own production needs,” comments Mauro Pede, Biesse Systems. This team works closely with customers to anticipate and understand their needs from initial concept to final implementation.

Additionally, Biesse offers B_Avant, a supervisor for the management of production flow based on machining requirements. Personalised to customer needs, it integrates with existing management systems and software, establishing a two-way data flow: from management and cad-cam processes through to production and back again. It includes a range of features that allow for improvements in production performance, enabling manufacturers to achieve new goals, including: 

  • Reduction in set-up times
  • Reduction in machine downtime
  • Reduction in waste
  • Increase in productivity

“Biesse’s ability to help create digital, automated and interconnected factories has become a reality. The firm advantages that our customers see every day are proof of the value that Biesse’s technologies add value to their production processes,” concludes Pede. 

Biesse is today creating digital, automated and interconnected factories have become a reality.