The new B9 surface is a highly effective texture, which replicates the look of a solid oak panel. LG Hausys, as a leading exponent in developing new products and manufacturing techniques, has successfully developed the B9 emboss to work in tandem with a subtle print.

The impressive overall effect creates a natural-looking painted wood product that is suitable for vinyl wrapped doors, five-piece doors and laminated flat panels for cutting and edging.

Alongside the traditional KBB sectors using B9 Painted Oak, the shopfitting, hospitality and interior design sectors will benefit from the durable, functional and flexible capability of the B9 Decofoil.

David Clouting is stocking seven B9 colours: Porcelain White, Ivory, Mussel, Cashmere, Stone Grey, Light Grey and Graphite Grey. All colours tie into existing Decofoil gloss foils and complementary MFC materials.

Grey is a tone that is growing rapidly in popularity in the UK furniture sector, and whilst light grey and graphite grey are relatively new decors, they are quickly establishing themselves as mainstream growth trend colours. Grey can deliver a cold feeling, but the look is far from this. Light Grey is fresh and clean and Graphite Grey is quickly taking over as a warmer alternative to black, and a colour that can be mixed in successfully with lighter tones.

The combination of these colour tones with the B9 texture is a winning combination that will ensure enduring successful product ranges in the coming years.

Contact the company for samples and further details on the stock range of Decofoils.

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