Yorkshire-based Stage One Creative Services excels in the field of creative set design, construction, manufacturing and engineering. It constructed the famous Cauldron for the Olympic Flame at the 2012 London Olympics, and was recently main contractor for The UK Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015 which won the Gold Award for Architecture and Landscape.

The company operates from three huge wartime aircraft hangers on an 8000 sq m site located between York and Wetherby in the village of Tockwith, where it employs 110 people. Stage One delivers projects internationally, many of which require set manufacture and construction on an extremely large scale.

An important part of the company’s manufacturing capability is its modern, well-equipped woodworking shop which has recently seen the installation of a new dust extraction system from Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS). When it was decided to invest in a new dust extraction system, Stage One had no hesitation in calling in DCS which has installed several extraction systems at the site, and have provided on-going servicing for a number of years.

Following a thorough evaluation of Stage One’s needs, DCS put forward a proposal centred around a compact yet powerful filter system to be mounted on steelwork outside the wood shop. The new extraction system was sized on a duty of 14,000m3 per hour, and comprises a high-efficiency NFSZ modular filter unit, fitted with high-performance Superbag polyester filter bags, and features pressure-free discharge of waste, via a rotary valve, into a bulk bag.

The installation also incorporates safety systems designed to protect the extraction system against the dangers of explosion and/or fire. A BS&B spark detection and extinguishing system comprises a detection zone within the ductwork which triggers a fast-acting water extinguisher if a spark is detected.

Furthermore, the main ducting system incorporates an ATEX-approved CARZ back-pressure flap valve which prevents the effects of a dust explosion from travelling from the filter, back along ductwork, and into the workshop.

Nick O’Brien, wood shop supervisor at Stage One, says: “As always, we were pleased with the level of service provided by DCS and the net result is that we now have an extremely safe and efficient system which provides us with a comfortable dust-free working environment.”

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