Today, health and safety issues are becoming increasingly important and sanding tools and abrasives are made more and more efficient, with focus on dust-free applications. 

This development places higher requirements on the dust extractors. To meet these demands, Mirka is introducing three new high performance dust extractors to address the latest health and safety demands for low (L) and medium (M) class models: Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 L PC (Push & Clean) 230V, Mirka Dust Extractor1230 M AFC (AutoFilterCleaning) 230V and the Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M PC (Push & Clean) 110V.

The extractors have been designed to handle multiple sanding applications and surface sizes with ease. The new range comes with a 30-litre container, easily accessible flat filter, a high performance 1200W motor and one-stage turbine that creates 250mbar of suction with an airflow of 4500l/min as standard to assist in the efficient removal of particles from the area being worked on.  

 The extractors’ innovative features include an auto start function, which ensures they only run when the tool is in use, increasing the lifespan of the product and reducing the amount of noise produced. For extra space in the work area, the flat top of the extractor can be turned into additional storage with the ability to fasten the Mirka cases to the top of the machine, providing a complete sanding solution. 

The L class 230V and M class 110V models come with a push and clean filter cleaning system that is easy to use and provides a simple process to maintain a clear filter. The M class 230v  extractor is fitted with an automatic filter cleaning system, which cleans the filter every 15 seconds for increased performance as standard. It also has an airflow sensor that indicates when the suction is below optimal levels (below 20m/s) and excess dust might be in the air. 

 Pete Sartain, national sales manager – Industrial of Mirka UK, says: “We are aware of the health issues associated with dust produced from a variety of sanding applications and we believe it is important that we offer users the right tool for the job. In addition, our continued commitment to invest in our products is to ensure that they not only meet the standards expected by users but also assist in safeguarding their health and provide a dust-free environment to work in. 

“When purchasing a dust extractor, we always recommend a full risk assessment is carried out by an independent third party professional or specialist to ensure any dust extractor is fit for the purpose intended by the customer before they buy.”