With a 36V brushless motor powering a 260mm blade to 4400rpm, Makita’s new 18V Brushless LXT mitre saw weighs just 27.3kg – providing for ideal portability and manoeuvrability.

The new Makita twin 18V (36V) brushless slide compound mitre saw has the same premium attributes as the new mains-powered LS1019 coupled with the total manoeuvrability provided by the high-performance 36v brushless motor, which generates similar power to the mains machine. The flexible mobility, coupled with outstanding motor performance makes the new Makita DLS110Z slide compound mitre saw a very valuable machine for all operations on construction sites. 

Weighing just 27.3kg, and with the same top carry handle as on the mains machine, transport and movement are simple and convenient.

Makita’s new 36v BL slide compound mitre saw

The Makita DLS110Z 36V slide compound mitre saw will run the 260mm blade up to 4400rpm and has a maximum mitre range of 60° L and 60° R, with a bevel range of 48° L and 48° R, and a maximum 91mm depth of cut.  

The rail-forward slide design allows the rear of the machine to be placed close to a wall whilst the twin slide rails are robustly mounted in the machine body ensuring smooth operation for a superior cut finish.

 As with the mains machine, the automatic torque drive technology changes the cutting speed depending on load conditions to achieve optimum operation. Slide, bevel and mitre locks are easy to operate while holders support a wide workpiece.  

The rugged, fully machined cast alloy base and chassis ensures accuracy, safety and stability in operation. This body-only model features an electric brake, soft start, large turn base and dust extractor connection.

The new compact Makita DLS600Z 18V Brushless LXT mitre saw weighs just 6.6kg and with its well-placed top carrying handle is ideal for rapid deployment to any job site.  

The 165mm diameter blade can be run up to 5000rpm by the brushless motor with a cutting performance that benefits from ADT, automatic torque drive technology. ADT adjusts the blade speed according to the load conditions to achieve optimum cutting performance while the soft start facility protects both the machine and the operator.  

A fully machined, cast aluminium base lends maximum stability in use and the mini sub-fence provides wide guide support when performing vertical cut or left bevel cut.  

Premier mitre and bevel ranges make the new Makita DLS600Z a valuable saw for operations with a maximum mitre range of 52° L and 52° R, and the double bevel range has a maxi-mum of 46° L and 46° R with the lever lock released. 

 An LED job light is provided together with a very useful and highly accurate laser line sys-tem, electric brake and battery fuel gauge.  

The new mitre saw is available as a body-only machine. It is a small, light and compact mitre saw which is ideal for third fix jobs including the preparation of skirting, dado and picture rails.