Kite Packaging, one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers, has launched a range of new products to support within busy warehouse operations and product recognition. 

Coreless pallet wrap dispenser

Kite’s coreless hand pallet wrap dispenser is a must for those that wrap pallets by hand. Often a time-consuming and uncomfortable process, this product will assist in the effective and efficient wrapping of pallets, whilst reducing some of the risks often associated with wrapping by hand. The unique design ensures users have something to grip onto enabling them to not only save time but more importantly reduce health and safety concerns. 

Red stretch film

Perfect for identification, Kite’s red 20-micron blown stretch film – with an extended core – is opaque, making it the perfect addition when security is key along with its high puncture resistance. Commonly used in a range of industries, it is also used for coding and offers great cling strength and pallet load stability.

Friction weld tool

It is used to wrap and seal high-strength polyester and polypropylene strapping around a product and/or container to seal, reinforce and/or fasten for increased stability and protection whilst in transit. 

Kite’s range of friction weld tools is suitable for most general-purpose strapping tasks and is sure to increase efficiency within operations with the convenience of being able to increase or lessen the tension of a strap and seal and cut it quickly with just one hand.      

Carton stapler

Kite’s heavy-duty carton/box staplers are designed to handle the tough application of sealing the tops and/or bottoms of boxes, particularly layers of thick cardboard. 

Using wide crown staples to secure, users can reduce the amount of acrylic tape used within their operation – ideal for operations where speed is important.