It’s a misconception that laminate is ‘flat’, as the wealth of textured finishes offered by Decorative Panels Lamination demonstrates. 

Its impressive collection of creative and functional textured polymer surfaces, available in quantities from as little as just one board, bring new possibilities to the aesthetics and functionality of a space. 

These surfaces can be worked easily with multiple industrial and handcrafted procedures – including cutting, laser cutting, edgebanding, folding, carving and milling – and can be recoated with acrylic, polyurethane and water-based varnishes.

Suitable for both interior and exterior use, the textured surfaces feature patterns such as geometric, textile, floral, raw wood and reinterpretations of contemporary classics.

Textured surfaces with optical effects or delicate cavities arranged in a geometric grid, such as Voice Tec Beehive Bianco, will provide additional tactile sensations and can subtlety stimulate a dynamic rhythm in space.

A rough textured surface such as Voice Tec Tessuto Bianco provides a unique visual experience. It gives a real sense of nature, and can be used to create a soothing atmosphere.

Alternatively, enhance the energy of a room with Voice Tec Italian Plank Bianco. This rough, wood-like texture reflects the raw surface of wood and offers a strong tactile experience. It works particularly well with decors and easily upgrade the energy of any room.

Perhaps the most popular and versatile texture offered is Voice Tec Juta Bianco. This non-directional surface finish is suitable for any decor, with plentiful depth and movement. 

The collection features very high technical characteristics, with excellent resistance to weather and UV rays. The surface can be overpainted using polyurethane-, acrylic- and water-based paints.

The textured finishes offered by Decorative Panels Lamination are a collection of white textured polymers from Italian manufacturer, Voice Tec. Defined by Voice Tec as “the perfect combination of novelty and elegance, creativity and functionality”, these finishes can be incorporated into any furnishing solution, guaranteeing that each project is unique, exclusive and personal.

2800 x 1300mm board sizes are available, with 15mm or 18mm MDF substrates.

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