Allied Tooling Ltd has taken delivery of a Vollmer QM Eco Erosion machine with one main focus: expanding capacity in erosion of PCD Saw Blades.

Benefits of adding the Vollmer QM Eco include:

Enhanced precision 

The machine’s advanced erosion technology ensures that the PCD Saw Blades eroded by Allied Tooling exhibit unparalleled precision, meeting the exacting standards of modern manufacturing.

Increased efficiency

The automation capabilities of the Vollmer QM Eco streamline production processes, allowing Allied Tooling to meet tight deadlines and handle larger volumes of PCD Saw Blades without compromising on quality.

Expanded capabilities 

The Vollmer QM Eco accompanies a Vollmer QXD 250, Vollmer VPulse 500 and Walter Power Diamond – all of which are connected to robotic loaders. With this set-up, Allied Tooling can now offer the end user an unrivalled service.

At Ligna 2023, AKE launched its Boardline Pro+ Saw Blades, with the tooth geometry available in both TCT and PCD Tipped. Allied Tooling is now offering such blades to the UK market with a dominating effect. AKE Boardline Pro+ Saw Blades in TCT and PCD offer an exceptionally low cost-per-cut price.

The Vollmer QM Eco can erode both the tops and sides of the PCD Tips on Saw Blades. Combined with the erosion programs directly from AKE, Allied Tooling Ltd is able to guarantee the correct tooth geometry is achieved.