Part of the Homag Group, Bütfering has a portfolio of machines designed for craft workshops through to high-tech industrial manufacturing plants. All the models boast German technology and engineering, world-renowned for its quality and reliability.

The Bütfering range starts with the SWT 100 series. These entry-level wide-belt sanders are equipped with up to three sanding heads to ensure perfect sanding results both on solid wood and veneered panels. The next in the range is the versatile SWT 200 series for sanding solid wood to veneer and intermediate sealer sanding.

The design of the SWT 300 series sets new standards for wide-belt sanders. This popular series is available as free spec models for sanding solid wood, veneer, sealer and filler coat.

The Bütfering SWT 500 series features the magnetic pad system MPS and is constructed with the patented Sorb Tech® material delivering far better vibration absorption over welded steel frames for resonance-free operation. It also boasts the latest sanding technology including energy-efficient EcoTech and the trend-setting X-Head.

For industrial manufacturers Bütfering has developed the Profiline SWT 700 and 900 series wide-belt sanders. These advanced machines set new standards in technology, ergonomics and productivity.

Bütfering in action – Homag UK’s customers explain the benefits
Hazlin of Ludlow is an expanding British manufacturer of high quality, bespoke architectural veneered doors, frames, panels, screens, furniture and other joinery items. Since it was formed in April 1974, Hazlin has devoted itself to becoming the best in the market. As part of its strategy to achieve this goal, the business has always invested in the best machinery it could afford.

“We first started dealing with Bütfering almost 20 years ago,” explains Chris Jones, managing director at Hazlin. “The reason we bought the Bütfering SWT 955 was to respond to an architectural ‘fashion’ that has significantly increased the demand for horizontal veneers on doors – a  horizontal veneer being when the grain runs across the width of the door rather than the traditional vertical veneer which runs top to bottom.

“Our previous Bütfering sander, the SWO 313, which is still a good machine, has a cross belt and two longitudinal belts. So when sanding veneers that were laid horizontal, we had to put the parts through the machine twice using the cross belt on the last pass to remove all sanding scratches in the veneers.
“With our new SWT 955, we have a longitudinal belt followed by two cross belts so we can sand in one pass. This not only saves time, but also gives us an improved finish as each cross belt goes the opposite way to one another.

“The new pad technology on the SWT 955 is significantly better. The pads respond much faster and more accurately which has all but eliminated any ‘sand-throughs’. What’s more, the latest software that controls it is more versatile; you can feather the pressure in, so as the part enters the machine, you can slow it down then build pressure up as the part travels through. It is just a very, very good piece of kit.”

Three big advantages
“The new sander has delivered three big advantages to our business. Perhaps the most important to us is the accuracy of sand because when you’re sanding various different types of veneer that is very important.

“Secondly the ability to take veneer tape off is a great benefit because to get skilled labour to remove veneer tape effectively isn’t easy. Getting the gum residue out of the veneer is tricky but with the SWT 955 we can do it quickly and easily.

“Finally, being a veneer company, we just needed to be able to sand to a much higher standard in one pass rather than two. The new finishing sander gives us this productivity gain with a very high standard of finish.

“From a productivity point of view the new sander is saving us a couple of minutes a door, so if you’re doing a hundred doors it doesn’t take long to add up to substantial time savings. This time saving has allowed us to move labour to other areas in the production process,” concludes Chris Jones.

Peter Thompson of York relies on Bütfering to hone tough hardwoods
Bespoke joinery company Peter Thompson of York has a heritage spanning nearly 40 years. The company designs, hand-crafts and installs some of the country’s most amazing kitchens, interiors, floors and staircases.

The business specialises in creating products predominantly out of solid hardwoods such as oak, walnut, maple and mahogany, all sourced from sustainable forests. “Our clients are discerning people and they demand a top quality product backed up with first class service,” claims Robert Thompson, the company’s managing director. He continues: “Given the nature of the materials we work with, we have to invest in heavy-duty equipment that can handle these tough hardwoods.” 

Better quality, lower running costs
“In our business, the finish is exceptionally important. This meant when it came to selecting a sander for the company we had to make sure it could do a first class job. We wanted a four head machine so we could complete work in one pass. The Bütfering is three times faster than our old machine at processing a set of doors yet the quality of the finish is superb.

“We are also saving money on sanding belts. The Bütfering SWT 345 is very efficient on belt usage, so we don’t have to change them so often which also means we have less machine downtime.

“The Bütfering SWT 345 has certainly met our expectations. It has delivered a new level of quality; it’s fast and it’s efficient which is exactly what we were looking for in a wide-belt sander,” enthuses Robert.

Homag UK opens the doors to profit for Cotswold Manufacturing
Located in an 80,000ft² factory in Thornaby, North-east England, Cotswold Manufacturing is a privately-owned company that manufactures and supplies doors, doorsets and internal glazed screens for use across the commercial, residential, leisure and education sectors of the construction industry.

“Our business is built on quality and service,” claims Stuart Burnett, the company’s operations director. He continues: “We had been having problems with the quality and service we were getting from other door suppliers and so in 2013 we decided to set up our own door manufacturing cell.

“We looked at a number of potential suppliers but, after visiting Homag’s Treff in Germany and discussing our requirements in detail with Homag UK, we settled on equipment from the Homag Group to supply the majority of the machinery for our new venture.

“Having had previous experience of Homag equipment, I was totally confident of the quality, reliability and after sales service they would supply. For the door manufacturing cell we specified a Homag KAL 310 edgebander, a Bütfering SWT 335 finishing sander, a Holzma HPP 250 beam saw and a Cefla roller application line.”

A knowledgeable and helpful team
“One of the major benefits we like about dealing with Homag UK is that all the people there are so helpful and knowledgeable. From the sales and support staff to the service engineers, there is a genuine desire to help. They want a long-term relationship and always go out of their way to give the best advice for our business.”

“John Shepherd, the Homag area sales manager, is a pleasure to work with. He understands our business and looks after us even when we are not in the market to buy. Homag’s after-sales service too is excellent. When we do need an engineer Homag invariably has an engineer on site the next day.

“We also get superb support over the phone from Kev Kaye who can dial into the machines remotely to help us with any issues. If Kev can’t help, the engineers in Germany can also connect remotely to help sort any issues, so we really are well looked after.”

For more information or a demonstration of any of the Bütfering sanders and control software please contact Adele Dixon on 01332 856424.