The SCM At Home in Italy is a big event running from 10-15th April 2014 which will be attended by over 2000 people. Visitors can decide which of the group's many specialised fields they wish to explore by taking part in one of the four themed Tech Tours, one of which will be held per day for the entire duration of the event.

The Furniture Tech Tour takes visitors to SCM’s factories in Thiene to see the SCM technologies installed at the Alea Office at close hand.

The furniture theme in Thiene will demonstrate the Stefani square-edging range to visitors: this will include the Easy Order AZ flexible square-edging cell, the high production capacity of the Evolution two-sided edgebanding machine with laser technology, the Solution single-sided edgebander for soft-forming and J-shape doors; in Rimini. In addition, guests will be able to see the new Gabbiani panel saws as well as the Morbidelli Universal HP centre for edgebanding, boring, milling.

A Doors & Windows Tech Tour will take participants on an visit to one of SCM's customers, Melgari in Cremona. The Home Event will also present SCM Accord WD flexible cells and Integra (production of components for doors, windows and staircases) as well as the new range of SCM Accord FX machining centres in Rimini.

A testimonial at the Timber Housing Tech Tour will be Itab Legnami of Novafeltria. This will be followed by visits to the Components factory at Villa Verucchio and the SCM Group production plant in Rimini. The visits will focus on two
Routech solutions: the Oikos 12 machining centre with six interpolating axes for the production of wooden beams and the Chronos HT multi-function machining centre which makes manufacturing special components for chairs, tables and furnishings (also in plastic and light alloy) extremely simple.

The Craftsman Tech Tour is the fourth tour organised which, after a visit to the Naldini Arredamenti factory in Forlì, will include three visits to the SCM Group and Components factories in Villa Verucchio and the factory in Rimini.
There will also be plenty of innovations in the world of carpentry and made-to-measure production including renewal of the L’Invincibile line as well as the new Minimax ME35 edgebanding machine, the new SCM Olimpic edgebanding machines, the SCM Pratix S machining centre with Nesting cell and the SCM Tech and Morbidelli Author Serie M machining centres.

Software, a theme that encompasses and is incredibly strategic to all four tech tours, will play a leading role in the demos at the showroom in Rimini. Software is the intelligence that programs and controls the operating of the machines, integrated solutions and systems from the simpler to the more complex ones. It determines how easy technologies are to use and their compatibility with the production systems. It includes Xylog Maestro, the software installed on all the group's machining centres, Proview, a simulator that optimises working cycles and times and the Watch line supervisor and software developed exclusively by the SCM Group for its customers.

“We decided to demonstrate our latest innovations and, at the same time, offer people the chance to see the same technologies at work in the factories of some of our most prestigious customers”, said Max Salmi, group communications manager. “A different way to say who we really are; opening up our premises, establishing new relations and consolidating old ones.

“It is not an open house,” he added, “but a way to share, understand and demonstrate what we can do and, at the same time, decide what direction we will take in the future to be closer to our customers and work towards helping them achieve success by basing our inventions on their expectations.”

There are four SCM tech tours during its Home Event including to Villa Verucchio to SCM Group’s new L’Iinvincible line

All types of production processes can be seen first hand at SCM’s 2014 Home Event