Ostermann's high gloss edgings are available in six on-trend plain colours – yellow, green, purple, petrol, blue and red – as well as in three attractive woodgrain designs – Bardolino bright, end-grain oak and chestnut oak grain natural wood. They are available in a size of 23x1mm.

The narrow profile of the 1mm edging and the exclusive colour or decor print applied on the reverse side of the edging gives an optical bond line of zero when glue is applied carefully. This process was demonstrated on the Ostermann stand at the Holz-Handwerk exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, last month.

A stronger bond line effect can be created by combining the edging with a different coloured board – for example, a plain edging applied to a rustic wood decor board. According to Ostermann, anyone who has shown the courage to combine the new edgings has been rewarded with an almost zero bond line effect, and has also created a unique piece of design.

The possibilities of the new edgings are extensive. They are suitable as optical highlights for kitchen furniture as well as for modern home furniture or for eye-catching, unique pieces. With the current trend towards bright colours and eye-catching high gloss finishes, the edgings are eminently suitable for shopfitting.

The lacquered edgings are supplied by Ostermann in a gloss finish. To prevent damage during storage or application, the surface of the edgings is coated with a thin film which can be removed after having been applied to the board.

The new lacquered 1mm 3D acrylic edgings are a valuable addition to the already-extensive range of acrylic edgings available from Ostermann. The expert in edging also provides through-coloured acrylic edgings and numerous 3D stepped-look and decor edgings in different widths and thicknesses.