Every manufacturer knows the importance of using high-quality consumables but when it comes to choosing edging, what is important? Does price dominate the decision or does the assurance of rigorous expert testing, greater production quality and the promise of a perfect finish score highly on the wish list? Or has the importance of a dependable supplier that can guarantee over 10 million linear metres of instock edging, ready for next day delivery become a key factor? If your answer is ‘all of the above’, then Ney’s laser edging is certainly worth a closer look.

Designed to create a seamless joint, Ney’s laser edging is coated at the time of manufacturing which it says will guarantee a perfect colour match with no visible glue line. By replacing the conventional glue, an edgebander with laser, hot air or plasma technology can be used to bond the edge and board together – flawlessly.

Manufactured from polypropylene, Ney’s laser edging has been created to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Able to endure temperatures of -20 to +75°C, testing has also seen edged doors and carcasses submerged into water and used in rooms with an 85% moisture level to ensure the highest heat, water and moisture resistance possible.

Available for next day delivery in 13 colours (including white, cream and black) Ney is set to extend its range later this year to reflect new and existing trends. A speedy quotation service and a minimum order quantity of only 50m is also available – ideal for the smaller manufacturer.

Gerd Ney, managing director of Ney Ltd adds: “This is a new age for furniture manufacturing. Our laser edging has been developed to embrace modern manufacturing techniques and create high-quality products simply and effectively. This is the future.”

Contact the company for more information on its laser edging or to order a copy of the new materials brochure.