Light woods are popular at the moment, because they have an inviting effect and are easy to combine. This is definitely true for the wood of Mediterranean stone pine with its elegant and at the same time rustic appearance. Ostermann supplies ABS edgings with stone pine décors in a wide range of variants - in addition to the classic version, there are many more colours and structures to choose from.

In the past, stone pine was traditionally used for the masts of large ships. In living rooms, its warm wood tone and distinctly contrasted grain add a Mediterranean touch. However, the processing of the soft wood with many resin inclusions is not easy. High-quality décorative surfaces help circumvent this problem and still achieve a natural look and feel. At Ostermann, carpenters/cabinet makers will find matching ABS edgings. The spectrum ranges from a naturally light stone pine décor to almost white tones to grey, brown and even black variants. For the entire range, type in the search item “#Highlights06” on the Ostermann website

Warm Mediterranean shades: Fano Pine nature

The stone pine, also called Italian stone pine or, after its external shape, umbrella pine or parasol pine, is a subspecies of pine and its lightest representative. Due to its yellow tint, the wood appears warm and has a fine appeal. The grain clearly stands out against the light base tone, creating a contrasting play of colours that gives the elegant softwood a rustic mark. The Ostermann edging Fano Pine nature wooden structured is based on exactly these natural stone pine characteristics. And not just that: the “wooden structure” of the ABS edging also feels deceptively real.

Tip: To really bring out the natural stone pine décor of your board and edging, you can combine them with white furniture elements. The mix will create a nice but subtle contrast.

Cool Scandinavian colours: white Loft Pine and Jacobsen Pine blue

The chic pine grain is extremely versatile and by no means only suitable for lovers of Mediterranean interiors. Those who prefer clear lines in Scandinavian style will find in the ABS edging White Loft Pine wooden structured an even lighter décor with a white base that combines particularly well with pastel shades or maritime blue tones. If you want to apply a delicate blue directly on the edge, check out the ABS edging Jacobsen Pine blue wooden structured. It shows grey and cool blue veins that harmoniously complement each other. Perfect for Scandinavian design!

Dark tones for cosy interiors: Jacobsen Pine black and silver Pine wooden structured

It’s getting darker - but by no means less homely. If it is well combined, dark wood makes for a stylish interior without being oppressive. The black edging Jacobsen Pine black wooden structured is softened by grey and brown lines. It thus combines the elegance of dark furniture with the comfort of natural wood décors. A slightly lighter variant with a finely structured base is the ABS edging Silver Pine wooden structured.

From Europe to America: Ponderosa Pine

In addition to the Mediterranean stone pine, Ostermann also offers a décor variant “from overseas”. The ABS edging Ponderosa Pine wooden structured owes its name to the Pinus ponderosa, the North American counterpart of the Mediterranean stone pine. The edging shows a greyish-brown colouration with typical strong grain. Its rustic look perfectly matches brown ponderosa surfaces with annual rings and knotholes. In terms of colour, it combines well with for example warm and dark colours, such as a strong burgundy or a deep fir green.

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The characteristic grain of stone pine is combined with a wide range of colour décors at Ostermann – here you can see a selection of ABS edgings with stone pine décor